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Michael evaluates his client's needs for entertainment. He then hires the professional talent and coordinates all of the particulars of his client's production details.  Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle has the resources and experience necessary to effectively produce and manage the proper entertainment for his client's special event. Michael also has a pinpoint insightful overview of how entertainment blends into his client's special event theme.  Nothing adds more to an event than live entertainment with a headliner, it's an investment that will pay dividends way beyond the event itself.  There is both an art and a science to acquiring a spectacular headline performer.  Michael will handle every aspect from negotiations and scheduling to production requirements and transportation.  Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle will provide his clients with the largest names in the entertainment industry.

Themed parties

CD release celebrations

Film wrap celebrations

Awards/recognition events

Incentive programs


Jazz Vocals



Michael specializes in producing headline entertainers for corporate meetings, political fundraisers, banquets, special events, wedding receptions, night clubs and product launches.

This is a partial list of Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle's “to do” checklists:

Establish your organization's goals and objectives for your special event.


Design, plan and produce your live entertainment.


Work within your budget.


Acquire the music licenses for all of your music entertainment.


Limit risks associated with entertainment.

​Work with performers and production support areas as well as sound and lighting.

As each generation’s musical tastes evolve, the event entertainment & production industry has to keep up with the changes. Michael and his seasoned production team are constantly reinventing themselves to meet the ever changing demands and tastes of Michael's clients and their audiences.

Keeping your audience's attention at your special event means that all of the elements must flow smoothly and continuously, including sound, lights and other special effects. Michael and his experienced production team has all of these elements well covered.

Whether you are organizing a large party, meeting, political, humanitarian, corporate event, wedding, CD release or film wrap celebration, obtaining Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle's services will ensure that your musical entertainment will be in the “spotlight”.

Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle specializes in producing headline entertainers, local and international, for:

​Corporate concerts

Business meetings


Product launches


Brand building events


Grand opening events


And many other types of celebrations.


Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle's musical genres:


R&B Soul








Michael L Page Opulent Lifestyle will plan your event’s live musical entertainment with precision, perfectly matching it with your décor, menu, bar theme (if necessary), venue choice, invitation design and other aspects of your special event’s theme.
*Note: We will handle all production and contract requirements.                                                                                          

The Finest in Sophisticated Entertainment


MICHAEL creates experiences tailored to his client's high standards and expectations, he accomplishes this task with his vision, creativity, passion and commitment to tell a story from the beginning of his event designs which has "no ending in the mind of his clients".  "I'm speaking of, lasting impressions", which makes for

"the Ultimate Entertainment Experience".   He is unfettered by preconceived event design and production style codes which makes MICHAEL L PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE pioneers in the ever changing world of event design and production.

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