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White Glove Service is Just the Beginning

MICHAEL L  PAGE PRESENTS is poised to design and produce a spectacular showcase of live performances from around the the world!  Many of the live performances M L  P PRESENTS will produce are not readily known by the general public.  The performers are very well known in their own highly esteemed circles of audiences and guest.  Their performances are truly a delight to ones ears and a colorful treat for ones eyes. 


The complete satisfaction of M L  P PRESENTS guest is paramount to Michael and his highly gifted and experienced team of designers and event producers.  All of the services provided for the guest of M L  P PRESENTS events are very carefully chosen one by one without a rush or hurry added to this important process.  These services are meticulously matched to serve and blend with the five senses perfectly. 

M L  P PRESENTS events must be experienced to truly appreciate the finest in live entertainment and services.  M L  P PRESENTS currently obtains two entertainment brands; PRIVATE S, which is in development and BOOGALOO, which is a bi-weekly or weekly introduction.  The details of BOOGALOO's services and entertainment are placed on BOOGALOO's website a week before the actual event.


Michael was once asked, Where does he get his inspiration from? Michael quickly responded, "my guest, their enthusiasm and excitement of the event design and production I produce really helps fuel my creativity!"

Michael is known for injecting true creativity, glam and extreme vision at every twist and turn in his event designs and productions for his guest, the results are luxuriously inviting, elegant and exciting!

Welcome to Michael L. Page's new world of event design and production!

The Finest in Sophisticated Entertainment

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