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Affair Design & Production

MICHAEL L  PAGE produces premier “live” ultra-elegant affairs for his esteemed guests.  Michael's affair design, planning and production team specializes in the creation of sophisticated elements for his guests pleasure, while attending Michael's affairs.  Michael provides exquisite multifaceted affair décor designs along with the absolute finest in live music entertainment production.  Guest services at each of Michael's affairs are nothing less than utter perfection.  The complete satisfaction of Michael's guests is paramount!

Event Producer and Designer, Michael L Page, consistently delivers creativity, unparalleled professionalism and original style to each of his affairs, event design & production projects.  For his entire career, Michael has diligently been on the watch for affair design trends and has created a few affair design & production trends himself.  He has specific methods to maximize those trends with new and creative visions and approaches to inspire the world of affair design & production.

Michael, provides his guests with excellent services and superior implementation of his designs, event production and entertainment vision for his guests affairs. 

Michael is dedicated to providing his guests the experience of the very finest fabrics, materials, furnishings, textures, creative colors schemes, floral designs and so much more.

Michael has a keen eye for detail and brings to his affairs design & production projects a skill for style and glam that vividly brings his affair design & production vision to life.

He is the "go-to" person within his inner circle of prestigious colleagues because of his skill and ability to translate, design and produce the most difficult vision of projects into reality. 

MICHAEL L  PAGE welcomes you with a warm, energetic reception to his new world of affair design and production.

ML P Opulent Lifestyle's Goal

Michael's goal is not only to go the extra mile for his guests, but to create one if he must. Traveling within that creative stretch includes a great many things, first and foremost making his guests complete satisfaction the foundation upon which he designs and produces all of his affairs. 


ML P Opulent Lifestyle's Vision
Michael's vision is to design and produce every aspect of his affairs with a detailed mindset.  He always keeps in mind his guest's complete satisfaction for their WOW effect! 


ML  P Opulent Lifestyle's Mission
Michael's mission is to provide his guests and clients alike with attentive services, Innovative concepts, creative affair designs and precise execution.  Stylish, Luxurious, Unique and Exciting are words that describes the designs and productions that Michael and his talented and well experienced team creates for his guests and clients. 
Michael's clients are very special to him and his staff of designers, producers and event planners; that's why each of Michael's client's affairs are his Magnum Opus.

Michael creates experiences tailored to his guests high standards and expectations, he accomplishes this task with his vision, creativity, passion and commitment to tell a story from the beginning of his affair designs & productions which has "no ending in the mind of his guests. "I'm speaking of, lasting impressions", which makes for "the Ultimate Entertainment Experience". 


Michael is unfettered by preconceived event design and production style codes which makes MICHAEL L  PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE &

MICHAEL L  PAGE PRODUCTIONS pioneers in the ever changing world of event design and production.

Michael L Page is also the Founder and Principal of LAVISH STYLE CUISINE and GENTEEL.

"I provide all of my guests with Innovative Concepts, Creative affair Designs, Precise Execution and Superior Guest Services"

"The art of designing and producing my affairs are only complete when my guests are completely satisfied"

~ Michael L  Page ~

California, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York

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