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Michael L Page
 Office - (415) 757-7214
Cell - (510) 882-2115

Professional & Venue introductions:


We are always pleased to accept emails from fellow professionals introducing their services.  Please use our inquiry form (here) to introduce yourself and you will be contacted within 24 hours.


Sales Inquiries:


We do not accept sales calls or respond to sales related emails.  

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Professional & Venue introductions

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Inspiration, Creative Vision, Unparalleled Professionalism
Event Designs and Production

Michael designs timeless concepts that are infused with the finest of decorative arts, adding a twist at various stages of his designs for the "WOW" effect.  Michael's designs and event productions tell a story in such a way that is unique to his guests taste which are expressed in each of Michael's luxurious affair themes.  

Michael stays closely in sync with all of the latest event design trends, he has created a few himself. He keeps abreast with design trends, such as, lighting design, international fabrics, event décor, color, textures and other important event design and production elements. All of these elements and more help to create a sparkling, spectacular affair for the ultimate entertainment experience for Michael's valued guest's enjoyment and fulfillment.

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