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Michael infuses the essence of his guests into every last detail.  MICHAEL L  PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE's planning, design & production teams are experts at using their art, production & design skills to create the perfect affairs for his guests.

MICHAEL L  PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE, we know that one of the secret ingredients to a memorable, exciting affair lies in the many details. With our graphic, floral and set design skills, digital technology, fabric, props, and a team of gifted designers and craftsmen that custom design and produce  fantasies for his guests for affairs that are truly sensational!

Michael's Social Event team is experienced in event design, logistics, coordination and production. With our full-service capabilities, Michael  produces affairs at all levels of formality and he engineers the correct theme and entertainment to accommodate his guests whims.  


At the heart of Michael's luxurious affair planning, design & production is an understanding that service for his guests is paramount to a successful affair. 

Michael has direct access to world class suppliers and headline entertainers, with whom he has built strong relationships with.  Michael is proud that his affairs are among the most widely regarded.


California, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York

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