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Humanitarian Events for Stronger, Healthier Communities

Michael carefully selects non-profit organizations whose Core Principle Values mimic that of MICHAEL L  PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE.   Michael designs and produces humanitarian events that create extreme awareness of the events cause. Michael's goal is to raise the proper amount of monies needed to fund those causes, he also attempts to get as many people interested and involved in the events cause as humanly possible.  Together with Michael and his sponsors he strive to make life changing long term differences for women, children and their communities, therefore helping women and children thrive.

MICHAEL L  PAGE OPULENT LIFESTYLE designs and produces events for selected non-profits that are focused on improving the lives of women and children's health, education and financial situations.

"Bridging relationships between communities and social awareness"


Sharing: Michael L Page believes strongly in sharing his time, experience and finances with causes he
strongly believes's a great pleasure for him to share what he has
acquired over time with others.


We are Committed!

"Don't give til it hurts, give from your heart"

~Michael L Page~

"Women and Children are the Lifeblood of Humanity"

California, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York

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